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Course Information

The primary goal of the Basic RiderCourse (BRC) is to provide an introduction to the fundamentals of safe, responsible motorcycling.  The BRC is designed to prepare riders for entry into the complex world of traffic. Course consists of 15 hours of classroom and riding instruction.

The Basic RiderCourse 2 (BRC2) was developed to address the critical skills and knowledge needed for relatively low risk, enjoyable on-street motorcycling.  The course is ideal for graduates of the Basic RiderCourse. It provides a structure for them to further refine their riding skills. Course consists of 6 hours of riding instruction.
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The Three Wheel Basic Rider Course (3WBRC) is an entry-level, learn-to-ride training and education course that is taken on your own 3-wheeled motorcycle. Participants learn fundamental riding skills and safety strategies similar to what is provided in the MSF Basic RiderCourse, but on three wheels.

The Advanced RiderCourse (ARC) is an 8 hour course for experienced riders that complements a rider’s basic skills and helps with personal risk assessment. The course is taken on your own motorcycle. You must already have a valid class M license to participate in this course.
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Download these PDFs with statistics from over a decade of training programs.
2012 Program Statistics PDF
2011 Program Statistics PDF

16 and 17 Year Old Requirments

  • As of August 31st, 2012, 16-and 17-year olds wishing to obtain their motorcycle license must first complete the Basic RiderCourse (BRC).
  • Your permit is valid for one year.
  • You are not required to have a car permit or license in order to obtain a motorcycle permit or license.
  • You must have a six-month skill building period before taking the on-road skills test.
  • A parent or guardian must sign off on the 65-hour certification form (DL-180C) with the RiderCoach as a witness or the form may be notarized and brought to the class. (These 65 hours are in addition to the 65 hours required for a car license).
  • An adult (21 years old or over) with a Class M license must supervise you, unless you are already licensed with a Class C driver’s license. A licensed driver is not required by law to have any supervision
  • Curfew restrictions for a Class M permit are sunset to sunrise.
  • While riding on a Class M permit, you may not carry a passenger.

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