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The Advanced RiderCourse is a one-day course for experienced riders who desire to learn and practice more in-depth riding techniques.

The ARC is an action oriented class geared to introduce concepts in time and space management. The overarching goal is to provide sufficient technical information, dynamic performance feedback, and peer group interaction to achieve an increase in perceptual filtering capacities to reduce risk while riding.

In the classroom the focus is on decision making, goals, and personal limits. Classroom activities use small group discussions and interactive activities to address personal risk management strategies; to discuss options for cornering, braking and swerving; and to improve visual perception to identify collision traps. The intention is to direct and motivate riders to recognize their role in improving their skills while actively applying strategies to reduce the risks of riding. Increase performance while reducing risk...

Riding is fast paced and fun for all motorcycle types. Riders will be challenged in a variety of exercises dealing with the fundamentals of fluid control inputs to precise rider/motorcycle dynamics in both slow speed and higher speed riding. Using your own motorcycle and helmet, you’ll put into practice the techniques of managing traction, stopping quickly, cornering and swerving.

Since the course focuses on the aspect of improving a riders skills it is important to take into consideration your personal comfort with YOUR motorcycle. You will be riding it for the course. You need to be comfortable with basic control and operation of YOUR bike before taking the course. You should feel confident riding in a variety of traffic situations including cornering, stopping quickly, and general maneuvering. You're not required to master your skills prior to the course, it is only suggested that you are comfortable riding your bike, as such, you should only take the course on your bike.

Here are some of the exercises in the ARC:


Objective: To refine skills for curves.

This exercise uses a small circle and a large circle. Riders will practice using two upper body positions, adjusting path of travel, and adjusting speed using brakes.


Objective: To contrast body position for curves versus swerves and use proper control operation and body position for curves and swerves.

This exercise uses a continuous cornering circuit with a path leading to a swerve area. The exercise helps with improving cornering abilities along with precise and crisp steering inputs.


Objective: To corner skillfully in a decreasing radius curve and to judge quick stop distance.

You will practice riding a path with a series of gates forming a decreasing radius curve followed by a path to practice quick stop judgment.


Objective: To re-orient riders to traffic mix and identify effective safety margins.

This exercise uses two oval paths with an intersection to practice aspects of sharing the road and use of safety margins to establish time and space.

The ARC is not a testing course and has no passing requirements. For all courses you must meet the objectives of each exercise before you can continue to the next exercises. This is for YOUR learning and safety!

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